Who will be involved in the project?

    Most importantly we hope you! This project will not be successful without community input and involvement. If you are a part of community group that provides recreation for those 50 or better within the community or you take part in recreation please reach out.

    We have selected Barefoot Planning to help facilitate the community consultation process and capture the feedback.  For information about Barefoot and the work they do visit www.barefootplanning.com 

    Members of the RDN Recreation programming staff will be actively involved in the process as well. 

    When will the project be completed?

    Our goal is to have the final report containing project findings and asset mapping data completed by December 2019. 

     As this project is being supported financially by way of a grant provided by the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) we have to have a final project report submitted to them by January 31, 2020.