C.W. Young Side Channel Restoration

Image credit: Polina Iudina

Damaged riparian area on January 31, 2022,
before the restoration project began

Restored riparian area in summer 2023

The C.W. Young Side Channel, located in Englishman River Regional Park, was built in 1990 and lengthened in 2007 to create a spawning and rearing habitat for coho salmon. Today the channel supports steelhead and cutthroat trout, produces 40 per cent of the Englishman River’s coho salmon and also sees significant numbers of Pink, Chinook and Chum Salmon.

In spring 2023, riparian protection and restoration began on the lower 200 metres of the C.W. Young Side Channel. This included fencing, re-planting, decommissioning of unsanctioned trails, placing woody debris habitat and installing information signage to protect the riparian area. This work will benefit juvenile coho and trout who spend one and a half to three years growing in freshwater before migrating to their marine environment.

How can you help the salmon at Englishman River?

Please stay on the trail and keep your dogs out of the water to help the recovery of the riparian area. Your efforts to help Englishman River salmon and trout are critical to improving watershed health. Check out the efforts of our project partners to see how you can help maintain and restore riparian areas and support healthier salmon populations.

Project Partners:

Help protect wildlife

Please stay on the designated trails.
Keep your dogs under control and out of the side channel and restoration plantings.

How can I get involved and learn more?

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