What is the Regional District of Nanaimo? Is my community part of it?

    The Regional District of Nanaimo provides regional governance and services throughout Vancouver Island’s central east coast. It includes the municipalities of Nanaimo, Lantzville, Parksville, and Qualicum Beach, as well as seven unincorporated Electoral Areas. You can check your property address to find out if it is located within an RDN electoral area or municipality with the Regional District’s Where Do I Live in the RDN? 

    App: https://rdn.maps.arcgis.com/apps/InformationLookup/index.html?appid=e9f81af6aa7d41929c99eb465a0c6a43

    What are Regional and Community Parks and Trails?

    Regional parks and trails serve residents across the region and are often substantial in size and may have important natural areas. They are funded by taxes from all Regional District residents. Examples of regional parks include Benson Creek Falls Regional Park and Englishman River Regional Park. 

    Community parks and trails are intended to serve the needs of the residents of each electoral area. These parks tend to be smaller properties and can function as playgrounds, outdoor sports facilities, conservation areas, neighbourhood green spaces, and connecting trails. They are acquired during the development of subdivisions or neighbourhoods, by property purchase, or in some cases, the RDN manages crown or private land as community park or trail. Community Parks are funded by each respective electoral area.

    More examples of regional and community trails

    Are Regional and Community Parks different from municipal and provincial parks?

    Yes. Regional and Community Parks are different from municipal and provincial parks, though it can be hard to tell them apart just by looking at them.  Regional and Community Parks are owned and operated by the Regional District while municipal parks are owned and run by municipalities and provincial parks are owned and run by BC Parks.

    How can I participate?

    Your input is essential! We need your help to create a strategy that reflects the community’s needs and aspirations for parks, trails, and outdoor recreation. There are a variety of ways to participate online and in-person. Please register here to receive notices of upcoming events and opportunities. 

    For those who are registered on the Get Involved page will be entered to win four prizes of $50 to complete the survey. 

    Public Engagement Round 1

    WHEN: Fall 2019

    WHY: We want to know more about the existing parks and trails system and hear your vision for the future.


    • Online survey – The online survey will be available in late November and will provide important information about, how people use parks and trails, how satisfied people are with the current parks system, and how the parks and trails system can be improved.
    • Phone survey - There will also be a phone survey, which will be conducted through a random selection process and will include similar questions to the online survey.
    • Stakeholder workshops – We will hold three workshops to have focused conversations with stakeholders. If you are part of a community organization that is interested in regional and community parks and would like to participate, please email recparks@rdn.bc.ca.
    • Public open houses – The project team will hold three public open houses. These events are an opportunity for you to tell us about your priorities and discuss your ideas with the project team and others in your community.

    Public Engagement Round 2

    WHEN: Spring 2022

    WHAT: We will present “what we heard” and will ask for your feedback on draft vision, goals and actions.


    • Online survey – An online survey will ask for feedback on key actions and will help us determine priorities and timelines.
    • Public open houses – Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the proposed open house events are no longer occurring.  Please reach out to staff to discuss the project in more detail should you have any questions that are not addressed on the project's webpage.

    How will my feedback be used?

    Public and stakeholder feedback will be used to understand what people think of existing parks and trails and inform the drafting of a well-supported vision for the future. Feedback from the public and stakeholders will help prioritize the recommendations for the development and management of the regional district’s parks and trails system. 

    When will the community see the strategy?

    The draft vision, goals and actions for the Parks and Trails Strategy will be available in Spring 2022.  The final strategy will be presented to the Regional Board in the fall of 2022. 

    I don't want to complete the survey online. Is there a paper copy available?

    Yes, if you would rather complete a paper copy please print and return to Ravensong Aquatic Centre (Qualicum), Oceanside Place (Parksville), or the RDN Administration Office (Nanaimo) by April 28, 2022.