About the RDN

What is a Regional District?

  Regional Districts are federations of municipalities and electoral areas

  They act in response to expressed needs, desires and instructions of their members

  The Board serves as a forum in which these needs, desires and instructions are expressed and explored by member communities

  Regional Districts take action largely through services

  Local government services in electoral areas

  Inter-jurisdictional (sub-regional) services to combinations of municipalities and electoral areas

  Regional services to address regional needs

  Regional Districts evolve over time to meet the changing needs in and of each region

Who is the RDN?

As a local government, the RDN is a regional federation of four municipalities and seven electoral areas, with an estimated population of approximately 160,000 (2017). The four municipalities are: the City of Nanaimo, the City of Parksville, the Town of Qualicum Beach, and the District of Lantzville. The electoral areas are as follows:

Electoral Area A: Cedar, South Wellington, Yellowpoint, Cassidy

Electoral Area B: Gabriola, Decourcy, Mudge Islands

Electoral Area C: Extension, Nanaimo Lakes, East Wellington, Pleasant Valley

Electoral Area E: Nanoose Bay

Electoral Area F: Coombs, Hilliers, Errington, Whiskey Creek, Meadowood

Electoral Area G: French Creek, San Pareil, Little Qualicum

Electoral Area H: Bowser, Qualicum Bay, Deep Bay

Want to know which electoral area or municipality you live in within the RDN?

Click here to visit our latest mapping tool, type in your address and determine where you live within the RDN.

What to know what services your area or municipality receive?

Check out our RDN Budget Talks Budget Documents,  the 2019 RDN Budget and Property Tax Summaries are you which shows the services you receive, where the money comes from and where it goes.

Who is on the current RDN Board of Directors?

The Regional District is governed by a Board of 19 Directors. There are eight members on the Board representing the City of Nanaimo, two members representing the City of Parksville, one member each for the Town of Qualicum Beach and the District of Lantzville, and one for each of the RDN's seven Electoral Areas. 

To find out who is on the Board of Directors and their contact info click here

About Strategic Planning

What does a Strategic Plan need to be?

·  Affordable and attainable over specific timeframes

·  Presentable

·  Supportable

·  Transparent

·  A living document

·  Clear

·  Achievable

·  Measureable

·  Representative of the Board and the people we serve

·  Representative of diverse opinions and expertise 

What does a Strategic Plan need to do?

·  Communicate the Board’s priorities

·  Provide a clear plan for RDN operations

·  Set a vision and a clear path for how we will work towards it

·  Reflect fiscal prudence and affordability

·  Engage communities 

How does the Strategic Plan work with the other guiding documents at the RDN?

How does the RDN Strategic Plan work with the partner municipal Strategic Plans?

There are elected officials on the RDN Board of Directors from partner municipalities and they offer representation and a voice at the RDN table.