How do I know when programs and activities are available for registration?

    *Please note these dates may change, check back often.

    Feb 14 - Registration for spring break camps, swim lessons, programs and more opens at 8 a.m. Viewable online Feb 3.

    May 9 - Registration for summer camps, swim lessons, programs and more opens at 8 a.m.. Viewable online April 28.

    Aug 8 - Registration for fall programs, swim lessons and more opens at 8 a.m.. Viewable online Jul 28. 

    Registration can be done by phone, in-person or online. All programs and activity details can be found online 

    Please note if you are registering during a busy time (ie first day of registration) you may be queued in a virtual line. It will look like this:

    How do I get an email when the Active Living Guide is released?

    Register to this page and be the first to receive the newest Active Living Guide by email.

    Winter weather program cancellations

    If bad weather occurs, we will reach out to registered participants to let them know if a program needs to be cancelled. 

    If either Ravensong Aquatic Centre or Oceanside Place Arena close, alerts will be posted on the RDN website and on RDN social media: Facebook, Twitter

    Please note:

    Above all else, if you are uncomfortable or it is unsafe for you to travel, please stay home.  

    Watch RDN social media for the most immediate service notices; Facebook, Twitter

    If schools are cancelled, community recreation morning programs will also be cancelled. 

    If conditions at a specific site are compromised due to power outages, ice or snow removal, emails will be sent to program registrants as soon as possible. 

    Anything that is scheduled after 12:00pm will be reassessed by 11:00am and updated on social media and by email, if possible. 

    Subscribe to RDN alerts and stay informed on all RDN services.

    Contact  250-248-3252 of 250-752-5014

    How do I get in touch with the Recreation Department?

    Our administration and programming staff are currently available by phone at 250-248-3252 Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Current facility hours are updated here.

    You can also email us at this email is monitored Monday to Friday.

    How do I know what swim level to register my child in?

    Winter 2023 Swim Lessons

    We are transitioning to the Lifesaving Society Swim for Life program starting January 2023. The swimming lessons may have a new name but will still have the same goal of teaching solid swimming strokes and skills and valuable water smart lessons.  

    What swim level do I register my child in?

    If your child has taken swim lessons before, you can find out the last level completed by:

    1. Checking your account online.

    The last level your child completed will be recorded in My Account/Activity Program Graded List.

    1. Calling us at 250-248-3252 or 250-752-5014 our staff will be happy to look this up for you.

    If you are still unsure or just starting lessons.

    We recommend: 

    • 0-2 years register in parent and tot lessons.
    • Preschool, ages 3-5 years start in Preschool 1.
    • Children ages 5 years+ start in Swimmer 1. 

    If your child has been swimming and is confident in the water, visit our pool during an Everyone Welcome session and ask our staff to recommend the right swim level for your child.

    View the transition grid here

    Can I book ice time, a facility or field? What is required to book?

    Oceanside Place is available for facility bookings. Please contact  or call 250 248 3252 for information. 

    Fields/sport courts Please visit or email 

    Ravensong Aquatic Centre is available for private rentals. Bookings are available online

    If you are a renter within our facilities, there are protocols in place. Groups will be expected to adhere to all facility requirements in order to help us all stay safe.

    What do I need to know about booking fields and sport courts?

    For local field and court booking information please go to

    or email 


    Can I privately hire a RDN Swim Instructor/Lifeguard?

    Private swim lessons are available. To arrange please call 250-752-5014 or search online

    The RDN does not hire out swim instructors/ lifeguards for activities outside the facility.

    There are a few important things to consider before hiring a lifeguard or swimming instructor for your backyard pool or local swimming spot.

    Is the person certified and authorized to provide swim lessons or guarding? The Red Cross and Lifesaving Society provide certification for lifeguards and swimming instructors. RDN recommends only hiring certified instructors to ensure they are providing you with a safe and quality service.

    Are they prepared for an emergency? Certified instructors should be trained to handle emergency situations like injuries or drowning. Make sure they are prepared and that there is equipment available to handle emergencies (first aid kit, phone, rescue devices, backup person).

    What about insurance? Ensure you and your instructor have the necessary liability insurance coverage. Your house insurance policy may not cover this. Lifeguards and swim instructors should also have their own insurance to cover liability for themselves or their business.

    For more info check out Lifesaving Society BC and Red Cross

    What is your refund policy?

    Refund Policy: Regrettably, if a minimum number of registrants are not met, we may have to cancel or combine classes due to low registration. These decisions are made prior to the program start date. Please register early to avoid disappointment. A 100% refund is granted when we cancel a program.

    Extended illness/injury: In cases of extended illness or injury, a prorated refund or credit may be granted upon provision of a medical note. 

    Missed classes: Classes missed due to sickness, vacation or other reasons will not be refunded or credited.

    Withdrawal from camps (partial or full day) requires seven (7) days’ notice prior to start date.

    Withdrawal from programs, lessons and activities requires 72 hours’ notice prior to start date. If less than the required amount of time is provided no refund or credit will be issued.

    Please call RDN Recreation and Parks at 250-248-325 or 250-752-5014 to withdraw.