How do I know when programs and activities are available for registration?

    The following are proposed dates that we are working towards for releasing information about future programs. *Please note these dates may change, check back often.

    Registration Dates:

    Jun 21 - July and August fitness programs. Plus swim lessons and swim sessions starting July 4. Viewable June 18.

    July 19 - Aug 1-20 swim lessons and swim sessions. Viewable Jul 16. 

    Aug 23 - Fall registration for programs running Sep 7-Dec 19. Viewable online Aug 16.

    Skate sessions are opened for pre-registration for two weeks in advance on Mondays at 8:00 am.

    Registration can be done by phone or online. All programs and activity details can be found online 

    Please note if you are registering during a busy time (ie first day of registration) you may be queued in a virtual line. It will look like this:

    Expectations of Program Participants and Facility Users

    RDN Recreation and Parks continue to monitor Public Health Orders and expectations as well as industry guidelines related to COVID-19. We continue to update our restart plans to reflect changes and new orders. 

    In order to do keep our facilities open we ALL need to work together.  With this goal in mind we have the following expectations of our patrons:  

    • If you are 12 and older you must wear a mask in all indoor public areas within our facilities unless you have a personal exemption. If during a program you are permitted to remove your mask you will be notified by your instructor at the appropriate time. We also encourage participants between the ages of  2-12  to wear a mask
    • Wash or sanitize your hands prior to arriving at our program sites.
    • Now is not the time to be participating in activities in multiple locations. Please consider the number of group activities and sports you are participating in.
    • Take the time to read posted signage and follow the directives provided.
    • Do your best to maintain a 3m physical distance from others and no socializing before or after programs with instructors or participants.
    • Be respectful of other people’s comfort levels about personal space, this includes our staff and instructors.
    • There is no socializing before or after programs with instructors or participants.
    • Cough/sneeze into your elbow.
    • Dispose of any tissues in the garbage.
    • Bring a reusable water bottle with you.

    We ask that you NOT attend any of our programs or facilities if any of the following apply to you or a member of your household:

    1. Are experiencing ANY cold, flu or COVID-19 like symptoms (fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat and painful swallowing, stuffy or runny nose, loss of sense of smell, headache, muscle aches, fatigue or loss of appetite)
    2. Have traveled to any country outside of Canada within the last 14 days
    3. Have been in close contact with a person with a confirmed case of COVID-19
    4. Have been told by Public Health to self-isolate

    BC COVID-19 Self Assessment Tool Flow Chart


    Symptoms and Testing:

    If you have questions or concerns, please ask to speak to a staff member.

    We expect that all program participants will follow the established protocols. Failure to do so may result in you being asked to leave a program without refund.

    How do I get in touch with the Recreation Department?

    Our administration and programming staff are currently available by phone at 250-248-3252 Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Current facility hours are updated here.

    You can also email us at this email is monitored Monday to Friday.

    To stay informed about our reopening plans please be sure to visit 

    What do I do if I can not make a swim or skate session I have pre-registered for?

    We know plans can change. Please call us at 250-248-3252 or 250-752-5014 and we will withdraw you from the session. We appreciate you letting us know even if it is the day of, as we will call our waitlists so that someone else can enjoy these sessions.

    Refunds: A refund or credit will be issued if we receive 72 hours notice before the session starts. 

    What kinds of swim programs are available at Ravensong Aquatic Centre?

    Pre-registered programs include lane swim, leisure swim, aquafit, swim lessons, everyone welcome swims and Caregiver & Child Leisure Pool swims. Plus private rentals. 

    Register online or call 250-752-5014. Private rentals are booked by calling 250-752-5014.

    Session Highlights Include:

    - Registration for lane/leisure swims and low intensity aquafit are limited to a maximum of two sessions per week per patron.

    - Patrons will be assigned a lane when they check in at reception.

    - Lanes are not designated by speed; swimmers can expect different styles and speeds in their lane. Maximum five people per lane.

     - Swimmers are required to remain in their designated lane for the duration of their swim session.

    - Registration for everyone welcome swim is limited to a maximum of one session per week per patron.

    - Registration for Caregiver & Child Leisure Pool swim is limited to a maximum of one session per week per patron.

    An email with facility usage guidelines will be sent to all session participants prior to session start date.

    You will notice that things at Ravensong are different; there are lower maximum capacities for the facility and programs. Patron movement through the facility will be different, as will staff/patron interactions. We ask for your patience as this is new for all of us.

    View the Welcome Back video or read the Ravensong Aquatic Centre Restart Plan online.

    When will swim lessons be offered at Ravensong?

    We are excited to be offering swim lessons again at Ravensong Aquatic Centre! You can view the details online.

    Please be patient with us as we have limited lesson spots available and there are changes to how lessons are taught. All registrants will receive the Welcome Back Video (link below) and information on these changes before lessons begin.

    Tip: To find out what previous swim levels your child passed, you can sign in to your registration account/My Account/ Activity Grades List. 

    Why is there only one ice sheet available at Oceanside Place Arena?

    Currently, one ice sheet and one dry floor are available for community use at Oceanside Place Arena. 

    Two ice sheets are coming back to Oceanside Place Arena in time for September 2021 bookings. To book ice time please email  or call 250-248-3252


    Each recreational facility that has an arena has a unique layout which means safety plans do vary between communities. We continue to review and adapt to the PHO and ViaSport regulations and work with our user groups, so the community can safely access Oceanside Place. For more information, please view the Oceanside Place Restart Plan 

    Are there any swim times for families/children?

    Yes, Caregiver & Child Leisure Pool Swims and Everyone Welcome Swims are available at Ravensong Aquatic Centre. Private rentals are also available on Saturdays.

    Caregiver & Child Leisure Pool Swim (45 min)

    Swim together as a family or “bubble” in our Leisure Pool. Registration is limited to a maximum of one session per week per user.

    • Patrons are limited to the use of the Leisure Pool only; main pool and tot slide are not available. 
    • Maximum five patrons per group.
    • Names of individuals in group are required at time of registration, substitutions are not permitted.
    • Change room space is limited to one designated family changeroom upon exiting.
    • register online  

    Everyone Welcome Swim

    Bring your bubble for some family fun in the main pool. Registration is online or by phone and is limited to a maximum of one session per week per user.

    • All swimmers must be registered individually for this swim.
    • Please note all children seven years of age and under, or under 4 feet tall, must be within arms reach of a parent or guardian (16yrs of age or older) while in the water.
    • A maximum of three children seven years of age or under, or under 4 feet tall, per adult.
    • Maximum 15 patrons allowed in session.
    • Diving board, rope swing, leisure pool and inflatables remain closed.
    • Register online 

    What can I expect when I arrive for a swim session at Ravensong?

    Facility Admission:

    1. At the entrance, signs are installed to inform patrons that:

    • Patrons must not enter if they suspect they have COVID-19 or if they have any of the known COVID-19 symptoms, or have been asked to self-isolate by Public Health.
    • Patrons must maintain physical distance of two meters from other patrons and staff
    • On arrival, patrons must use hand sanitizer located at main entry.
    • Avoid aquatic facilities if patrons are at high-risk of COVID-19 contraction or severe illness.

    2. Masks are now required with the exception of "in-water" participation or when showering. This includes on the pool deck and in the changeroom areas. We encourage all children 2-12 years old to wear a mask while in our facilities. 

    3. Occupancy limit of 15 public and up to 10 employees.

    4. Patrons will be requested to shower prior to arrival and to be swim ready with their bathing suits on.

    5. Patrons enter through the main entry doors no more than 10 minutes prior to session start time.

    6. Patrons sign in at the front desk and will be assigned a designated swim lane. Lanes are not designated by speed; patrons can expect different styles and speeds in their lane.

    7. Patrons proceed to pool deck via the family change room corridor.

    8. Patrons remove shoes prior to stepping onto pool deck. Chairs are set up on the pool deck for swimmers’ belongings.

    9. Patrons will swim in a designated lane for the duration of the session, switching lanes once you are designated is not permitted.

    10. Patrons will leave the pool at end of session and exit through the male/female change rooms.

    11. Patrons are permitted 15 minutes maximum in change rooms for a quick shower and to change into dry clothes at the end of each session.

    12. Personal hair dryers are not permitted. Receptacles and wall-mounted hair dryers are out of service in the change rooms.

    14. Exiting the facility will be through the male/female change rooms and out through the double doors at the east end of the main corridor (follow the signs).

    What precautions have been taken to minimize COVID-19 transmission?

    • Island Health officer has approved the Ravensong Aquatic Centre Restart plan.
    • All patrons are required to self-assess their health prior to heading to the facility and if any COVID-19 symptoms or general illness symptoms are present patrons need to stay home until symptoms subside or they have received a negative COVID-19 test.
    • There are physical distancing markings and reminders throughout Ravensong Aquatic Centre.
    • There are physical barriers in areas where physical distancing is not possible.
    • Employees are trained in all aspects of lifeguarding and first aid to limit the possibility of COVID -19 transmission.
    • Hand sanitizing stations are available at all entry points.
    • Limited access to amenities such as washrooms, pool deck and lockers to minimize possible transmission points.
    • Additional cleaning and sanitizing will take place daily.

    RDN will continue to monitor provincial developments and respond accordingly.

    What will recreation programs look like?

    While we have had to reduce our numbers and shorten the length of our programs, the focus is on offering fun, active and safe activities for the community.

    We have protocols in place which are in accordance with the Provincial Health Officer and WorkSafe BC requirements and aligned with industry guidelines set by the BC Recreation and Parks Association. 

    View the Recreation Program Restart Plan for more information.

    Recreation program information and registration is available online.

    Will public skates be available at Oceanside Place?

    Yes pre-registered Leisure skates and Stick and Puck 19yrs+ are on offer. 

    Maximum capacity for these sessions is lower, and you will notice that movement through the facility has changed.

    Skate sessions are opened for pre-registration for two weeks in advance on Mondays at 8:00 am.

    Patrons can find details and pre-register online or call us at 250-248-3252.

    View the Welcome Back video or read the Oceanside Place Restart Plan online. Physical copies of the plan are available upon request.

    Can I book ice time, a facility or field? What is required to book?

    Oceanside Place is available for limited facility bookings. Please contact for call 250 248 3252 for information. 

    Fields/sport courts Please visit or email 

    Ravensong Aquatic Centre is available for private rentals. Please call 250-752-5014 to book.

    IMPORTANT: If you belong to a sport user group that rents and or books a facility managed by the RDN please be sure that your local club/group has a return to sport plan. These plans will be required prior to use of any of the facilities, including fields and sport courts for organized sport activities (practices, games, tournaments). Visit: for sample plans and guidelines. 

    Visit Oceanside Place Restart Plan and/or Ravensong Aquatic Centre Restart Plan. Physical copies of the plans are available upon requests.

    If you are a renter within our facilities, there are protocols in place. Groups will be expected to adhere to all facility requirements in order to help us all stay safe.

    What do I need to know about booking fields and sport courts?

    With the May 25 announcement of B.C.'s Restart Plan, local outdoor sport for all ages can now resume, including practices and games. For more information, view the Return to Sport Restart 2.0.

    For local field and court booking information please go to

    or email 

    Please be sure that your club/group has a return to sport plan in place that is up to date with current Public Health Orders.

    These plans are required prior to use of any public facilities/amenities, including fields and sport courts for organized sport activities (practices, games, tournaments). For guidelines and samples of plans visit: 


    Can I privately hire a RDN Swim Instructor/Lifeguard?

    Private swim lessons are currently not available. The RDN does not hire out swim instructors/ lifeguards for activities outside the facility.

    There are a few important things to consider before hiring a lifeguard or swimming instructor for your backyard pool or local swimming spot.

    Is the person certified and authorized to provide swim lessons or guarding? The Red Cross and Lifesaving Society provide certification for lifeguards and swimming instructors. RDN recommends only hiring certified instructors to ensure they are providing you with a safe and quality service.

    Are they prepared for an emergency? Certified instructors should be trained to handle emergency situations like injuries or drowning. Make sure they are prepared and that there is equipment available to handle emergencies (first aid kit, phone, rescue devices, backup person).

    What about insurance? Ensure you and your instructor have the necessary liability insurance coverage. Your house insurance policy may not cover this. Lifeguards and swim instructors should also have their own insurance to cover liability for themselves or their business.

    Is it COVID safe? Ensure you are meeting the latest Provincial Health Orders and have a safety plan in place.

    For more info check out Lifesaving Society BC(External link) and Red Cross