Revised Coastal Flood Map

Integrated flood management applies a systems approach to flood risk reduction that considers all natural flood hazards - river, overland (e.g., culverts) and the sea.

The Province of British Columbia advises coastal communities to plan for at least one metre of sea level rise by the year 2100, and two metres by 2200. To better understand the implications of sea level rise and future land use, the RDN retained Ebbwater Consulting Inc. along with Cascadia Coast Research Ltd. in 2018 to develop flood mapping for the coastal area. The mapping information was released in June 2020. Revised mapping information followed in October 2021. The revised documents and supporting information are located on the RDN webpage here: Sea Level Rise Adaptation Program

As we learn more about coastal flooding and sea level rise it is anticipated that the coastal maps will be reviewed and periodically revised along with the applicable land use plans and regulations.

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