Summer Outdoor Water Conservation

It's important to be Water Smart! Every drop counts.

Water Conservation Framework:

During the hot summer months, watering conservation regulations are imposed to protect and conserve our water supply. Records with Environment Canada indicate that, on average, our area receives only about 100 mm of precipitation during June, July and August combined!

To see which watering conservation stage your area is on, and to know which rules apply, click here.

Note: Vegetable gardens and fruit trees are exempt from conservation measures

What are the benefits of water conservation?

  • Meet current water supply demands for drinking, fire protection, and irrigation.
  • Avoid or postpone the costs of new infrastructure, including reservoirs, pumping stations and pipelines.
  • Save money on water and energy bills.
  • Reduce the amount of greenhouse gases (GHG) which are produced when treating and moving water and wastewater to and from our homes.
  • Apportion water resources for Ecosystem Services (these are benefits that humans obtain from ecosystems such as fish and wildlife, habitat, recreation).

Water Saving Tips & Resources:

Want to learn how to save more water around your property? Check out these informative links!

  • Up to 65 percent of water used to irrigate is lost to inefficient watering practices. Learn our top 10 irrigation tips here and our irrigation scheduling recommendations here.
  • Harvesting rainwater is a great and efficient way to water your garden. Click here to learn how to utilize rain barrels and here to learn about rain gardens. Want to build a rain barrel? Watch this video! The RDN also offers rebates to help you cover the costs of a large rainwater cistern. Click here to check them out!
  • Water efficient yards can be beautiful and sustainable. Native plants look amazing and are more acclimated to the Island's climate. For more information, click here. Xeriscaping is another great option that aims to reduce or completely eliminate the need for watering in your yard. For more information, click here.

Check out these links for more great resources:

Find even more helpful information in our "Document Library" located on the right side of the page or the Drinking Water and Watershed Protection program website here!

Summer Water Saver Contest:

You won't want to miss the RDN's WaterSaver contest that aims to promote efficient water use practices through an online contest! Residents can show off their outdoor water saving practices for a chance to win a rain barrel! More details to come.

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