August 01 → August 31 2022

ETHOS at the MacMillan Arts Centre

Team Water Smart will be contributing to the ETHOS display on "The Tale of One Urban Creek" about the amazing stewardship work that has been done on Shelley Creek

In the tradition of creating installation art with a message, the OCAC and the McMillan Arts Centre are excited to present the Summer 2022 exhibit!  The Tale of One Urban Creek is the exploration in glass, photography, acrylic and steel art mediums of the beauty and fragile nature of our special urban places. Focusing the artistic narrative on Parksville’s Shelly Creek we can follow it from its source in Errington farmland, flowing past Little Mountain, to its confluence with the Englishman River just below the Martindale Pond.

August 10 2022

WaterSmart Presents at ETHOS

Wednesday, August 10th at 1:00pm

MacMillan Arts Centre, Parksville

Join the RDN’s Drinking Water and Watershed Protection Program to find out more about water conservation and protection in our region. Did you know that most of the drinking water to the Oceanside area is from groundwater? Come learn about the Drinking Water and Watershed Protection program, how we monitor local groundwater and what you can do to help protect our water resources!