New RDN funding program for Demonstration Sites and Interpretive Signs!

We are very excited to announce a new funding program - the Demonstration Sites & Interpretive Signage funding program!

The Regional District of Nanaimo’s Drinking Water & Watershed Protection (DWWP) Action Plan 2.0 (Action 5.1.1) has identified the use of demonstration sites and interpretive signage as a meaningful to way to bring awareness to watershed features, watershed restoration and stewardship, and nature-based urban infrastructure that restore or protect watershed function.

Demonstration sites are real-world examples of features, practices, or infrastructure that inspire stewardship, action, or adoption of behaviours that are beneficial to communities and the environment. Examples of demonstration sites of green infrastructure (urban infrastructure that incorporates nature-based solutions that aim to retain or restore ecological function) include raingardens, bioswales, xeriscape gardens, rainwater harvesting practices, green rooftops, pervious surfaces, and more.

Interpretive signage is an effective and engaging way to bring public awareness to the function and importance of natural ecosystems and community efforts that aim to restore or protect those ecosystems. Together, demonstration sites and interpretive signs are a powerful tool to illustrate water sustainable practices, highlight the importance of healthy watersheds, and promote freshwater conservation.

The Demonstration Site & Interpretive Signage funding program supports the efforts of community organizations, stewardship groups, local government, and First Nations by offering to fund up to $5,000 for the installation or enhancement of demonstration sites and/or interpretive signage.

First Nations and municipal governments within the Regional District of Nanaimo, community organizations, non-profit environmental stewardship groups, as well as Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN) departments, may be eligible to apply for up to $5,000 (or greater based on project need and available funds) for demonstration site installation or enhancement and/or interpretive signage.

  • Other community groups or organizations may be considered eligible if the proposed project matches the merits of the program and aligns with DWWP initiatives.

  • Priority may be given to organizations that have partnered on other DWWP initiatives, such as those who have participated in the Community Watershed Monitoring Network.

To submit a project proposal, complete the online application available on our webpage here or by emailing

Submissions must include:

  • Contact name and organization,
  • Brief description of the project, including:
    • Project type (eg. rain garden and sign installation, green roof upgrade and sign installation, sign installation only at an existing site, etc.),
    • Location of the project within the RDN,
    • Project timeline (estimate of the project start and end dates),
    • Project site description and visibility (i.e. the level of public accessibility to the site),
    • The scale of installation (i.e. new demonstration site and sign installation, site improvement to an existing site with sign installation, or sign installation only)
  • Estimate of project costs and list of any funding contributors or donators, including in-kind donations and support,
  • The amount of Demonstration Site & Interpretive Signage program funds requested,
  • List of project partners and description of the level of involvement or support from First Nations,
  • Brief description of how and why the project site was chosen, as well as why the community would benefit from the education, awareness, and information provided by the site and/or sign.
  • Description of a site maintenance plan.

Project submissions do not guarantee funding approval. Project proposals will be evaluated against a set of prioritization criteria and funding availability.

Contact with any questions or to discuss demonstration site and interpretive signage project ideas.

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