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Nanaimo River Watershed Virtual Field Trip

Water is very special. It's home to fish and animals. It nourishes plants and helps trees grow. It quenches our thirst and supports our communities. Have you ever wondered where your drinking water comes from?

Join Team WaterSmart as they follow the incredible journey of a water droplet as it travels from the upper Nanaimo River watershed to your drinking glass! Learn about the water cycle, watershed function, forestry management, and water treatment, conservation, protection and more in this 15 minute virtual field trip video!

How to make the most out of your virtual field trip experience:

  • Watch the interactive A Journey to the Nanaimo River Watershed virtual field trip video. Be prepared to pause the video to engage in questions when a "?" pops on screen!
  • Access supporting materials, games, and activities on this page to continue your watershed learning journey!
  • Don't forget to leave your Watershed Wonders for all of your water-related questions to be answered by Team WaterSmart!

Contact us at with any questions and register on GetInvolved to keep up to date on Team WaterSmart initiatives and events!

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