Friends of French Creek Conservation Society
The Friends of French Creek Conservation Society (FFCCS) is a non-profit society with over 150 dedicated members whose shared goal is to restore and protect the French Creek Watershed. Volunteer hours are spent planning, funding and undertaking habitat restoration and public education initiatives, and helping with the acquisition of ecologically important areas of land. Within the society there are several sub-groups who take care of the creek’s different needs. The Hogweed Group is responsible for removing invasive hogweed from the French Creek area while the Hamilton Marsh Group works to preserve the Hamilton Marsh, which is home to bears, wolves and several red and blue listed species of birds who rely on the marsh for breeding. Of course, we can’t forget to mention the Water Quality Group who continue to be a vital part of the RDN’s Community Watershed Monitoring Network, collecting water quality samples at various sites along French Creek. For more information, visit